Get a go-to writer

Everyone is a writer.

Everyone has written something on some level: blog posts, the student newspaper, or a couple of articles here and there. A lot of people can write a great resume. Some can write a little and talk a lot. Anyone can claim to be a writer, and it's true: everyone, on some level, is a writer. The question is, when you have important work to be done, can your writer really write?

What is a go-to writer?

A go-to writer is someone who has been employed full-time as a writer, for years.

A go-to writer can take on an assignment to write 3,000 words without blinking.

A go-to writer knows accuracy matters to the audience, executives, and lawyers.

A go-to writer has the range to execute a wide variety of projects.

A go-to writer understands deadlines.

A go-to writer enjoys pressure.

You don't have a go-to writer? We just happen to know one.

See Rob write.

Rob has spent two decades cultivating his go-to skills .

Rob started out as a journalist when newspapers were still newspapers. Daily production, deadlines, and accuracy were everything.

Rob went on provide internal communications support at a Fortune 500 company. For more than 10 years, he worked his way up from handling localized departmental assignments to company-wide strategic campaigns and executive messaging.

Rob is also experienced in the healthcare field, where he's coordinated high-volume direct mail pieces to spec for major medical providers.

Rob has expanded his skillset beyond wearing out keyboards to learn the basics of HTML, graphic design and video production. This understanding enables Rob to more effectively work with all players on a professional communications team.

Rob's experience, skills, and judgment make him a go-to communication planner, advisor, and writer when the work really matters.

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